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Journal's Third Annual Symposium - Pay for Play: Unionization of the Business of the NCAA

The Journal's Volume 16 Senior E-Board Has Been Chosen!

March 2015.  After much deliberations, the senior e-board for Volume 16 has been chosen! The Journal's e-board leaders are as follows: Editor-in-chief- Matthew MorrowExecutive Editor- Katila Howard; Managing Editor of Articles- Paige Szymanski; Managing Editor of Publication- Sheila Murugan; Managing Editor of Publication- Courtney Schoch. Congratulations!

Amazing Student News!

In the past month, some amazing things have happened to our members!

Member Greg VanderWoude has become a research assistant for Professor Brian Gilmore in the MSU College of Law Housing Clinic.

Matthew Morrow, Assistant Editor of Publication, has beome a Research, Writing, and Analysis Teaching Assistant for Professor Chung.

Katila Howard, Assistant Editor of Publication, has accepted a summer associate position with Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC for Summer 2015.

Member Jewel Briggs has started an internship with Dow Corning's In-House IP Counsel. She has also accepted a summer associate position with Harness, Dickey & Pierce for Summer 2015.

Members Erica Walle and Paige M. Szymanski have been hired by Professors Grosso and O'Brien as research assistants for the North Carolina Racial Justice Act Research Project. This research project aims to show striking patterns of racial discrimination in North Carolina capital case charging, sentencing, and juror selection decisions, and has been used in North Carolina courts as evidence of racial bias.

The Journal's Volume 15 Junior E-Board Has Been Chosen!

September 2014.  After much deliberations, the new junior e-board has been chosen!  The Journal's Volume 15 junior e-board leaders are as follows: Managing Editor of Business - Ashley Gutwein, Assistant Editors of Publication - Katila Howard, Andrea Meyering, Ashley Morden, and Matthew Morrow. Congratulations!

Amazing Student News!

In the past month, some amazing things have happened to our members!  

Incoming Managing Editor of Publications Kevin Stokes has accepted a job at the Speaker Law Firm for the summer.  Additionally, Kevin started a position as a Health Care Research Assistant for Dr. Wallace Longton.  In his position, he is researching topics surrounding the cost of providing health care.  

Member Alan Williams has accepted an internship at the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Ohio.  

Volume 14, Issue 1 is Here!

March 2014.  Our new issue is here! This issue includes:

  • Assembling the Pieces of the Scienter Puzzle: A New Approach to a Holistic Review of Scienter Pleading Under Tellabs and the PLSRA - By Jordan D. Teti and William K. Pao
  • Hedge Fund "Regulation" for Systemic Risk: Largely Impossible - By Emily Kehoe
  • Preserving Entity Shielding: How Corporations Should Respond to Reverse Piercing of the Corporate Veil - By Kathryn Hespe
  • When a Communication is Not a "Communication": The Ever Growing Jurisdictional Split Regarding the Scope of Permissible Third Party Contacts Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - By Zachary Cormier

Check out the articles here!

Announcing the 2014 Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition Winner..........

March 2014.  Congratulations to Cassandra B. Roeder from William & Mary Law School for winning the 2014 Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition!  Ms. Roeder's outstanding submission entitiled Reforming Consumer-Insurer Dispute Resolution in the Auto Insurance Industry will be published in the Journal's Volume 14, Issue 2 this year.

The Journal's Second Symposium Was a Success!

March 2014.  The Journal is proud to announce that its second symposium entitled Beyond the Horizon: A Look at the Current and Future State of Business was a phenomenal success!  We had a full house, an engaging audience, and outstanding presenters.  We cannot wait until next year's symposium! 

The Journal's Second Symposium is Around the Corner!

March 2014.  Join the Journal on Friday, March 21st for its second symposium.  We have a great group of participants coming from law firms and organizations in and outside of Michigan.  Registration is free.  Breakfast starts at 8:30 a.m. and the entire event should end at 12:30 p.m.  For more information about the event, please click here.  Additionaly, you can also find out information and register by clicking here.  We hope to see as many people there as possible!

2014 Spoon Writing Competition Has Begun!

February 2014.  The 2014 Spoon Business Law Writing Competition has now started.  Submission deadline is March 17th!  Winner receives cash prize and gets published!  Click here to find out more!

Kevin Stokes and Lissa Oshei Excel in Competition!

February 2014.  Kevin Stokes and Lissa Oshei recently competed at the Williams Moot Court Competition at UCLA and performed amazingly!  Each of their respective teams were amongst the 8 teams that made it to the quarter-finals.  The competition started with 32 teams from across the nation.  Ultimately, their two teams represented 25% of the teams at quarter-finals.  Congratulations!  

The Journal's Volume 15 Senior E-Board Has Been Chosen!

February 2014.  After much deliberations, the new senior e-board has been chosen!  The Journal's Volume 15 leaders are as follows: Editor in Chief - Ashley Byers, Executive Editor - Samantha Leschek, Managing Editors of Publication - Josh Halen and Kevin Stokes, and Managing Editor of Articles - Seth O'Loughlin.  Congratulations!  The Journal is confident that these bright and accomplished students can continue to move the Journal forward!

Editor-in-Chief Lissa Oshei and Board Member Kevin Stokes Compete in Williams Moot Court Competition!

February 2014.  On February 15th, Lissa Oshei and Kevin Stokes are headed to the UCLA law school to compete in the Williams Moot Court Competition.  We wish them the best of luck!

Board Member Rachel Pickard Begins Work at Oade, Stroud, & Kleiman!

January 2014.  Rachel Pickard was recently hired as a law clerk at the law firm of Oade, Stroud, & Kleiman, PC.  The law firm is located in East Lansing and specializes in areas, including, but not limited to commercial litigation, real estate, and insurance.  Congratulations Rachel!  

Board Member Ashley Byers Makes Moot Court Board!

December 2013.  Ashley Byers recently made the school's Appellate Moot Court Board.  Getting on the Board requires going through the Moot Court Competition Class and a separate application process.  Ashley also won the best respondent brief in her competition class and was on the overall best respondent team.  Congratulations Ashley!  Best of luck to you!

Journal Member Erin Frazer's MSU Law ABA Arbitration Team Wins First Place!

December 2013.  Erin Frazer is currently on the school's ABA Arbitration Competition Team.  Recently, on November 16th and 17th, Pace Law School in White Plains, New York hosted the regional arbitration competition.  Erin and her teammates were there and won first place, thereby qualifying them to compete at the National ABA Arbitration Competition in Chicago on January 24th and 25th.  The topic for the upcoming competition is commercial real estate.  Congratulations Erin!  Good luck in January!

Board Member Kevin Stokes Receives Top Oralist Award!

November 2013.  Kevin Stokes recently received a Top Oralist Award in his Moot Court Competition class.  Kevin is currently in the Moot Court class in order to go through the required process to try out for the school's Moot Court Board.  Congratulations Kevin!  Best of luck to you in these next upcoming months!

Journal Member Gregory VanderWoude Wins Best Cite Checker for Fall 2013!

November 2013.  Congratulations to Gregory VanderWoude for winning this award!  The Best Cite Checker Award is given each semester to the Journal member who exhibits the best Bluebook and editing skills while completing his or her Journal assignments.  Gregory is currently a 2L at the law school.  He is originally from Holland, Michigan.  For his undergraduate degree, he attended Tulane University in Louisiana where he majored in Psychology.  Last summer, he worked for a law firm in Grand Rapids.  This upcoming Spring, he will work at the MSU Law Housing Clinic.  After graduation, he aspires to practice in real estate law.  Keep up the great work Gregory!

Volume 13, Issue 2 is Here!

October 2013.  The awaited new issue is here!  This issue includes:

  • Use of Social Media in Private Fund Offerings: Perks, Perils, and Privacy - By Heather Traeger and Kris Easter
  • Antitrust Class Action Litigation Post Wal-Mart v. Dukes: More of the Same - By Amit Bindra
  • Actively Managed ETFs: The Past, Present, and Future - By John Yoder and Bo J. Howell
  • A Step Short of Change: Examining the Recent Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies and its Shortcomings in a Global Market - By Julia Zukina (2013 Elliot A. Spoon National Business Law Writing Competition Winner)
  • Proceedings of the 2012 Midwest Securities Law Institute Symposium - By Midwest Securities Law Institute  

Articles will soon be uploaded under Publications.  

Assistant Editor of Publication Kevin Stokes Has a New Internship!

September 2013.  Kevin Stokes, an Assistant Editor of Publication for the Journal, has just accepted an internship position with the Office of General Counsel for Michigan's Department of Insurance and Financial Services.  This should prove to be a wonderful experience for him.  Congratulations Kevin!

The Year's Full E-Board Has Been Chosen!

August 2013.  The Journal would like to congratulate everybody that made it to the Junior E-Board and Liaison positions!  This includes Ashley Byers, Seth O'Loughlin, Jacob Spear, Kevin Stokes, Rachel Pickard, Samantha Leschek, and Hengzhe Jiang!  Check out the new masthead here!  Don't forget to sneak a peek at the current E-Board's short biographies!  

New Journal Members!

July 2013.  The Journal would like to welcome its newest members for the 2012-14 year!  The 2Ls who have joined the Journal this year are: Ashley Byers, Seth O'Loughlin, Jacob Spear, Kevin Stokes, Rachel Pickard, Samantha Leschek, Erin Frazer, Joshua Halen, Andrew Horne, Hengzhe Jiang, Greg VanderWoude, Alan Williams, and Robert Wright!

Incoming Managing Editor of Publication Kathryn Hespe is Getting Published!

July 2013.  Kathryn Hespe, an incoming Managing Editor of Publication for the Journal, is getting published in a future issue.  Her article is entitled "Preserving Entity Shielding: How Corporations Should Respond to Reverse Piercing of the Corporate Veil."  Her article stems from a Directed Study she completed with MSU College of Law Professor Ben Walther.  It will be published in the Journal's Volume 14, Issue 2.  Congratulations Kathryn!

Volume 13 Editor-in-Chief, Zach Brown, Wows at NCLR!

March 2013.  The National Conference of Law Reviews, which was held on March 20-24, 2013, featured Journal Editor-in-Chief, Zach Brown.  Zach was co-hosting a panel with the other Law Review Editors (Lisa Ferro Hackett, Nicholas Standiford, Monique Patton, and Graham Boswell) on the topic of cooperation between the Law Reviews at MSU College of Law. The editors spoke about the "best practices" that have led to the development of an efficient, cost-saving method of an All-Journal Write-On Competition, as well as a photography day for all organizations at the school.  In addition, Editors-in-Chief will discussed building camaraderie through "Journal Olympics," promoting causes through a quiz bowl to raise money for a public interest fellowship, and using different methods of communication and outreach to increase event publicity.  Great job guys!

The Journal's First Symposium Was a Sucess!

February 2013.  Thank you everyone who came out to this year's Spring 2013 Symposium, "Off Wall Street: Pre-IPO Investing, and the Future of Private Placement Trading."  A special thanks goes out to everyone who helped with this event, including the committee, Justin Fisher-Short, Chintan "Fez" Desai, and Silvia Mansoor! Great job this year!  

Volume 14's Senior E-Board Has Been Chosen!
February 2013.  The Journal wishes the best of luck to its new Senior E-Board in the coming year!  Volume 14's Senior E-Board includes: Mary E.B. Oshei as Editor-in Chief, Silvia Mansoor as Executive Editor, Brock Artfitch and Kathryn Hespe as Managing Editors of Publication, and Chintan "Fez" Desai as Managing Editor of Articles!  Congratulations! 

And The Winner Is...........

February 2013.  The winner of the 2013 Dean Spoon Writing Competition is Julia Zukina.  Julia wrote a fantastic article entitled A Step Short of Change: Examining the Recent Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies and Its Shortcomings in a Global Market, which the Journal will be publishing in Volume 13, Issue 2.  Julia is a third-year law student at Brooklyn Law School in Brooklyn, New York.  Julia currently works at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a legal intern. Julia, thank you for your contribution!