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A Privitization of the Justice System

By: Nikita Artaev, 2L, Journal Staff Member

SEC Decreases Use of Administrative Law Judges

By: Pattie Weir, 3L, Journal Editor

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, titled SEC Trims Use of In-House Judges, the SEC has been decreasing its use of in-house judges (administrative law judges).  This change comes after the SEC has been facing harsh criticism for using agency administrative law judges to decide contested cases. 

Why I Want a Business Court in my Jurisdiction

​By: Alexander Blank, 2L, Journal Staff Member
It is surprising that so many states are without Business Courts while such courts provide a variety of benefits. Joshua Halen’s article “Transforming Nevada into the Judicial Delaware of the West” sheds light on these benefits and why Nevada is pushing to develop their business court. Success in Nevada would likely lead to more state’s adoption of a Business Court, and as a Michigan resident, I would like to see Michigan begin to develop their own Business Court.


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